Thursday, May 26, 2011


HOLY SHIT! NEVER THOUGH THIS DAY WOULD COME! actually I knew it would, BUT not this quick!




Can't explain how excited I am for tomorrow. It's going to be the longest day tomorrow waiting for this video to come out ahh!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's ALL about the SEDUCTION face


CRUSTY BITCHES...disgust me!

UHH WTF is with these Crusty Bitches running around everywhere.

HOOD RATS vs. CRUSTY BITCHES, who wins, nieghter,
they will NEVER be where the POOLS and the TREES IS

In class today we were talking about our heros, mines NICKI obvi, shes more than a hero, shes a super hero.

DID IT ON EM always after school #privateschoolswag

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ezra's going to be where the pools and the trees is


Mentioned in her song Did It On Em, where the pools and the trees is IS a bad ass line. Anytime someone asks me were I live, yaa, where the muthafuckin pools and the trees is. 

In our very awesome Chemisty class, our hot air balloon project is not going so well. "Ezra" (the name of our balloon, which I wanted to name Roman Zolanski) has a few minor holes. When I saw few I mean 300, and when I say minor holes I mean at least an inch in diameter. Patch work was not fun, but when we were done I wrote in big quotes on the side "DESTINATION: WHERE THE POOLS AND THE TREES IS"
Our Chemisty Teacher Christoper read it outloud and that made my day. Along with other quotes from DID IT ON EM, Ezra is going to be the most beutiful thing in the sky when IT FLYS. 

OH YA, THIS WILL BE MY CHILD---------------------------->

Monday, May 23, 2011


Just another day where the pools and the trees IS

Team Roman Zolanski
Bassing out to SHITTED ON EM in mierisoles parking lot, shouldn't that be self explanatory?!


As an over obsessed Nicki Minaj fan, it was time for me to start my own blog.
I want to stay on the topic of my favorite person Nicki, but sometimes I might drift off.

It started in 7th grade. I became more into music and was trying to find a style that would fit my personality and that I would always love listening too.
I started off getting into country music with my sister. I still love it today, but it's not my favorite. Lil Wayne came into the picture and introduced me to a totally different style of music called hip hop. I had listened to rap and hip hop before, but this was the first time I have ever followed an artist. I become a big Lil Wayne fan, going to concerts, downloaded 100s of songs, and soon I listened to him constantly. I soon got tired of this and got into New Boyz and other groups that made music to a dance called "Jerkin". August of 2009 was when my friends and I started to learn the moves. After downloaded multiple songs, it became a new obsession.
Then, only a few months later, in December of 2009, a new song called Bed Rock came into the picture. It became my favorite song. A friend from my high school, Catherine Carroll, loved it too. We would refer to Lil Wayne's verse in our conversations about the song, but the third verse had an unfamiliar voice and quickly we caught on to Nicki's verse and it became our new favorite. Then only a few months later, Wayne released his album The Rebirth. My favorite song being Knockout. This was the only song I really liked. It became my Winter song for that year. I loved the chorus with this new voice. 
Baby 1, 2, 3 
Tell 'em get the referee 
'Cause he can, get the knockout 
get the telephone please 
It's emergency 
'Cause he can, get the knockout 
Get the knockout 

I did more research and downloaded more Nicki Minaj songs. 
My friend Jenna sent me the songs Baddest Bitch and NY Minute. They were awesome, but couldn't compare to the song that came out soon after called "My Chick Bad". Nicki MInaj had a verse that was very catchy which I soon learned the lyrics too along with every other high schooler.
The world got 100% better in May of 2010 when Nicki Minaj released her single "Massive Attack". I was obsessed with the song and especially the music video. The uniqueness of the music video is unlike any other and is legendary to me.
The chain reaction continued with Itty Bitty Piggy, Your Love, Hold Yuh (Remix), All I Do is Win where she refers to Roman Zolanski, her alter ego. Then the songs Up All Night and Bottoms up blew my mind. They became my favorites. Her verse in bottoms up is one of my favorites 
Yo, could I get that 'Tron?
Could I get that Remmy?
Could I get that Coke?
Could I get that Henny?
Could I get that margarita on the rock rock rocks?
Could I get that salt all around that rim rim rim rim?
Trey, I was like "Yo Trey"
Do you think you could buy me a bottle of Rose'?
Okay, lets get it now
I'm with a bad bitch he's with his friends
I don't say "Hi", I say "Keys to the Benz"
Keys to the Benz? Keys to the Benz!
Muhfuckin right yeah, weed to the 10
If a bitch try to get cute Imma sock her
Throw a lotta money at her then yell fucka, fucka, fucka,
Then yell fucka.
Then Imma go get my Louisville Slugger
Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady
I rep Young Money
You know Slim, Baby?
And we be doin' donuts while we wavin' the .380
We give a lotta money to the babies out in Haiti
Yellin all around the world,
Do you hear me? Do you like my body?
Anna Nicki
Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith
Yes, my dear, you're so explosive
Say hi to Mary, Mary and Joseph
Now bottoms up and double my dosage

Finding out she was releasing her album PINK FRIDAY was very exciting.

Getting very eager from the delays, I found myself in the Dominican Republic downloading this album.
Right after I downloaded it I played the song Romans Revenge and practically fell in love. 
The next day was basically me tanning on the beach, with Pink Friday shuffling on my ipod. By the end of the day I had already learned the lyrics to Romans Revenge, Super Bass and Muny. Those were my songs for the time being and I never really listened to any of the other ones for some stupid reason. 
A few weeks ago, the songs Go Hard and Hello Good Morning Remix came into play and became some of my favorites.
Also, I started to fall in love with the song DID IT ON EM.
It was so badass.
By this time I was almost as much of a Nicki addict as I am now.
DID IT ON EM became an obsession, soon rocketing up to the top of my Itunes play count.
every line in the song tells a different story and thats why I can't even explain it.
It became the new thing. I can't remember an hour in my life where I didn't play this song. 

With the release of the new Super Bass Video, Nicki has never let me down and none of her magic will ever get old.